Dave Elliott

Texas Magic Man                                                                           Call us at 214 629 9760


Here is a list of your testimonials

"I am thoroughly entertained every time I see one of Dave’s performances. Dave’s humor makes the magic show fun and he is sure to make you laugh. His slight of hands amaze me – as much as I try to see how he performs his tricks, I can never figure it out. He is a master at his craft!"     -Michelle Witthun (Yaskawa)

“I’ve never been so frustrated as I was by Dave’s performance.  How does he do that?  Our guests were blown away by both his close-up magic prowess and his entertaining stories and jokes that set-up the tricks.  Lots of laughs and really a first class entertainment experience”. Jim Craig Chief Marketing Officer, BMSF Logistics

"Dave's illusions will blow your mind and tick you off because you will not be able to figure out how he 'did that.' His use of humor, great stories, and mind blowing illusions all work together to present a great message."-Runks Runkles, Youth Communicator, InFocus Ministries, Inc.

Dave’s shows are a spell-binding display of illusion and sleight of hand. He juxtaposes reverence, irreverence, his unique Texan wit, and a bit of history into his performances. If you are lucky enough to see Dave on stage, prepare to be educated, entertained, mystified, and ribbed all in one sitting.  Lisa and Matt Heins – Audience members

“We have used Dave Elliott on a couple of occasions for corporate events, both with our clients or employees, and he is always a hit.  His close up magic and interaction with the audience is great.  We look forward to inviting him again.  It is always a lot of fun and a great addition to any get together.”  Tim McNew – Vice President TD Industries

"Not only is Dave an amazing magician, but he’s a gifted entertainer.  He delivers an engaging experience that will leave you laughing and scratching your head wondering how did he do that?!"   Jason Smith – Southwest Teleproductions